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What's particularly difficult is working out what 2D shapes are needed in order to achieve a particular 3D design.

Her approach, called Dress Up, gets round this by using "flattening" algorithms to work out the best shaped patterns to achieve the 3D design.

As it is possible all of our operations have been compromised, and Snowden is just a convenient pawn being used to water down the crisis. Organized Cyber groups Organized Cyber Crime Organized crime syndicates Oracle Corporation Op Tarheel Op Sony Op Robin Hood Op Red Shield Op New Son Op Horizon Op Hiroshima Operation Red Week-End Operation Homefront Operation High Roller Operation Global Blackout Operation Ababil operation Op Defense Op Chanology Reborn Op Censor This_ Op Black Out Op Black March Op Bank Op_ESR Op 30 Days of DDo S Oo Ps Revolution Online Banking on3iroi Oleg Nikolayenko OLB Oggy OCD Occupy Wall Street Occupy The Board Room occupation Nux Null Crew ntisec No War Militia MX NOW DC notonebit Norway Northern Cyprus NOOKem No_limit Nmap Nina Nerd Face Nima Bagheri Nikon Elite nijaxor.IRC Channel Night Cr3w Nicaragua New Son Newell NYC New Car Netherlands Nerdo Nep NATO Summit National Occupy NAMBLA Nagorno-Karabakh N3m3515 muldaria48 MS-13 Mr Osama MR_Boter Mr.

For fun: Type in a recent exposed program in word search (Ctrl F ), or type in the word espionage. pwnsauce Puerto Rico PTSD psychiatrist Prozac Proword protest federal reserve protest fed Prophet Muhammad Project Mayhem 2012 Project Mayhem Proharris probation pre-game "POWER2ALL, P2A" pot Portugal popped hot popc0rn Poland Pois Anon PNC PLF2012 PLF play the ponies PLA Cyber Command Pirata13 phone tracking Carrier IQ Phishing phish Phantom~ Peter Kleissner Peter Peru perconte Peoples Liberation Front People Link Peeping Tom Paxil pastebin pastebay Passive Defense Organization passed out parole paranoid Para Lu Lz Land Paraguay Par_Ano IA Panama palladium palemoonrises Pakistan Cyber Army Pakistan p4r_king p0keu p0ke p0is Anon p0isan0n P. Pa Pa Ro SSe Motorsec Mot Montenegro Monitoring Software money laundering monetary theft from bank accounts Monaco Mole Moldova Mo Fo Plz moecephus MLT mkbrito Missr Evolution Mis Sarah Nicole Miss Anon Fatale Mike Bonanno Midas Bank Michael Premo meth "Merscorp, Inc" Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Private Banking and Investment Group Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Merrill Lynch Merrill Edge Mercedes Mehness mehizdanneh Mega-D botnet Mc Afee Mayhem 2012 Mayhem Mayh3m May First Matt Oakes Master Card Incorporated Martyr* marijuana MAMA Malware Malta Malaysia Maksim Glotov Mail-Order Bride Mail-bombing Email bomb Mailbombing Email bomb Mailbombe Email bomb Mailbomb Email bomb Mafia México madmary Mad Hacker Z Team Mad Hacker mach2600 Macedonia M0RT4LSP1D3R m0rb Luxembourg Lulz Xmas lulzwin lulzsec_boat Lulz Sec Reborn Lulz Sec Lulz Funny Lulz Financial Lulzdog Lulzcart lulz Luit Lords of Dharmaraja Lorax Lo Noi Anon lol loic Lithuania Lied On Liechtenstein Legend Coder Left System Unlocked Left Safe Unlocked le4ky Latvia Latin Kings Lasson La Salle Las Vegas La Patrisia l0rdoffire l0rda L0pht l0ngwave99 Krystall Noell87 krotreal kovgx Kosovo korgasm_ Korean Cybercrime Korea Kiuhio Keylogger Key logging kerpia.IRC Channel keg stand Kazakhstan kayla Katsel Katkling katanon katano Kallisti Kahuna k0detec "Julian Paul Assange, Assang" Julian Paul Assange Jtd853 Josh The God Josh the God joepie91 Joanne Michele Jiraffa Ji HAD Hackers jihad Jester Jamie Mc Lelland Jamaica jackpot Jackal Anon Jackal Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters Izz ad-Din al-Qassam itswanda its Ohai "Its Kahuna, Kahuna" Its Kahuna Italy isotope Nuclear Ireland irc.IRC Channel irc.stormsecurity.org/6667 IRC Channel irc.reapersecurity.net/6667 IRC Channel irc.power2IRC Channel irc.indymedia.org/6667 IRC Channel irc.freenode.net/8001 IRC Channel irc.IRC Channel irc.IRC Channel irc.IRC Channel irc.IRC Channel Iranian Hacker Sabotage Team Iranian Data Coders Security Team Iranian Cyber Army Ion Cuber ioerror Invisible Defender Internet legislation inj3ct0r Infinity Hackers Infiltration INER7IA Indonesia Indian Cyber Army India Incest i N^Sa Ne Impala Illsec ihazcandy Igloo IDF-Team Identity theft Idaho Iceland I3atman I Shouldn't Be Saying This hypotenuse Hungary HUMINT Hooker Honker Union of China Hong Kong Honey Trap Honduras Homosexual Holy War Holy War hoic Hex00010 Hewlett-Packard Company Hewitt Associates LLC Herzegovina Hero India hearing Havittaja harris Hardcore Charlie Hann Handler Hammered Haiti hacktivist Hacking Hack* Hack this site Hacktivism hack h3x1d3c1m4l H3r0 India Guatemala gtf0 GSec Group-XP Grim The God Green-on-blue Greece Grass Roots North Carolina Got In a Fight Got Fired From My Job Got Another Ticket Going to Get Even GOA gl0w Give Me That Juice Ghostpickles Ghostcarder Ghost get revenge Germany Georgia Geohot Gen Sarobi Gay Garden Slayer Galaxy G8 Summit G4RYB1 g3rm3n Future Gov Ftwircdwyhghzw4i.onion/6667 (Hack BB/TOR) IRC Channel Frank Ostia France Fox Petitions Forgot to Lock the Safe foreclose float* check Flash Drive Flash Classified FIX Fiserv Solutions Inc.

#Op Free Palestine, 0x Omar, 0x Omer, @Fury Of Anon, @_Anonymou STL_, Alien Z, Amir Phadida, Anonymous 972, Arab World, Bank Of Palestine, bankofpalestine.com, C'Seven Booter, Capo O_Tunisi Ano O, CFR Robot Pirate, codecity.ir, Council Of Jewish Institutions, Credit Cards, CRIF, CVV, Cyberwarfare, Danny Ayalon, dannyayalon.com, DDo S, Defacement, Devilz Sec, Discount Bank, Dr.

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Although there are many doubts on its truthfulness, it deserves a particular attention since outlines a new age on psyops, what I call “pastebin psyops”.From the initial action of 0x Omar to the Israeli reaction, passing through the declaration of Cyber Jihad (the chart is updated to Sunday, the 22 of January), (too) many events have happened, involving different hacking crews, different countries (also some French and Canadian web sites have been defaced) and different kind of attacks.What was started as an endless chain of massive leaks seems to be evolving as isolated actions typical of guerrilla.Wibowo will be presenting the project at the TEI conference in Kingston, Ontario, in February. Since then the URL of the hacking group has been taken down.

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