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In this week's 'Into It', the team examines the reaction to Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's break-up, and questions whether the public outcry suggests we're putting a little too much pressure on celebrities and their personal lives.

Festivals like Wilderness should embrace diversity in every form but they are failing to reach out and connect with a wider audience.

I wonder how many BAME's are involved with Wilderness.

It would be interesting to note and get a clearer picture of whether diversity initiatives are being assessed or put in place behind the scenes.

May 18 – Richard Groves, 32, was beaten to death at a flat in Warley, West Midlands.

Darren Lander, 28, has been charged with murder and awaits trial.

2015 – Samuel Du Bose, 43, shot in Cincinatti, Ohio, after being pulled over for not having licence plate on his car.

The plant is also known as "unicorn plant," referring to the large, hornlike fruit before is has split open. In addition to the long, curved claws, the capsule body is covered with prickly spines.To make matters worse, the Valley Boys refuse to share their food, but when vet Rob takes issue with their behaviour, he ends up making a decision that leaves girlfriend Katie furious (subtitles) (repeat)Comedy about long suffering Children's Services social workers at Elm Heath council.In the first episode, Nitin, an ex-copper, is tasked with spying on the rest of the team.The rather sinister common name of "devil's claw" refers to the inner woody capsule which splits open at one end into two curved horns or claws.Each capsule contains about 40 black seeds which are gradually released when the claws split apart.

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