Half life 2 wont launch stuck on validating

Tride technical help, but they couldn't help, tried all this but no use: Sanjay kumar: Hello. Emma Batley: Yes Sanjay kumar: We are really sorry about that. Emma Batley: please can you help - I can't open any adobe cc products - I just get a validation screen endlessly coming up Sanjay kumar: I understand that you are unable to launch any of the applications because it stucks at Validation screen, is thiis correct?Games may not launch if you're running software which inteferes with Steam.For basic information and installation of the Source SDK Beta, read this page first!Sanjay kumar: May I please know if you are in corporate (office) network? Sanjay kumar: Please follow below instructions to check on this Sanjay kumar: Please open Finder, then click on Go Go To Folder Sanjay kumar: Then type /etc Sanjay kumar: Let me know once you are in ETC folder. Emma Batley: ok, i'll wait Sanjay kumar: Thank you for staying online.Emma Batley: /etc now Sanjay kumar: Please open Hosts file and let me know. Sanjay kumar: May I know do you have the Creative Cloud Desktop Application installed in the computer? Please launch the Creative Cloud Desktop Application .Is Material function call Local Position supported for HTML5 packaging?Media Texture is black in HTML5 Packaged project HTML5 Type Error: Loop.scheduler is not a function - Mac OS, Safari (UE-36937) error running html5 project.

It may also be necessary to see a local PC technician for help with your individual configuration.Our Updating Drivers article has detailed instructions for updating your video, audio, and other drivers.Please be sure to install the "Other Drivers" which include Direct X, Phys X, and Visual C from the bottom of the page.Emma Batley: at one point I even got a window saying "Your trial has expired" but I am a cc member...Sanjay kumar: Thank you for confirming., Emma Batley: The apps do not open at all Sanjay kumar: Emma, please try to launch any of the Creative Cloud application and let me know when you see Trial Expired page, Emma Batley: Just window open/closing saying Validating licence Emma Batley: I have to quit Adobe Installation Manager to stop it Sanjay kumar: Thank you for confirming.

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When I try to launch any html5 project with the new 4.10 version the process gets stuck on "Validating Executable for HTML5" . I have encountered the same issue on another PC as well.

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