Helen flanagan dating micah richards

We just hope his Jack-the-lad reputation is an exaggeration - as we'd hate to see her have her heart broken."Flanagan, 18, was previously linked to Manchester City footballer Micah Richards.They looked like any other young couple in love, wrapped around each other and completely oblivious to those around them.

An insider said: "Helen thinks that Adam is as keen on her as she is on him."We had been waiting to get married for so long and I was getting better each day, so I thought, 'I can pull this off,' he said."No matter how much you see a person day to day there is something different on your wedding day - you see them in a different light.But friends are worried that at just 19 she may eventually want to substitute 21-year-old Wigan winger Scott Sinclair.One insider said: "The trouble is they've only been together since December.

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