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Ebook Central is a collection of over 100,000 electronic books. Ebook central uses single sign on and should recognise your details from your computer login (on campus) or your ezproxy login (off campus). The instructions on how to do this are very clear on the website.Just click on the login or bookshelf button and the instructions will walk you through the process.Also includes indexing and abstracting for 13600 journals.Covers a wide range of disciplines and was designed specifically for academic institutions.Headquartered in the small town of Zelienople, Pennsylvania, it began in 1999, when friends Brian Barcaro and Jason La Fosse launched a local singles forum ‘to help cultivate marriage and provide a vibrant, moral community environment’.When the site became a major success, they added partner Mike Lloyd in 2003 and rebranded as Catholic In a ruling published this month, The Irish Times is found to have discriminated against the worker on the grounds of her family status.

IN the world of online dating agencies where first, second and last chances at romance are frequently promised, the guiding ethos of Catholic Match is simple and direct: ‘Grow in faith, fall in love’ is its website’s guiding mantra — a message that is clearly being heeded, given its one million visitors every month.As though being in your forties is an acquired disability, like head trauma or clitoral atrophy. And if you believe any of that, you’ve been reading way too many women’s magazines. No longer princesses, we have ascended the throne of ladyhood, and reign supreme over our lives. Let us instead examine the notion of the over-forties dating scrapheap, and how it applies only to ladies — you may have seen the Amy Schumer sketch Last Fuckable Day. As forty-something women, we are told how our erotic capital is somewhere between badly overdrawn and bankrupt — unless we take the following steps to make ourselves more dateworthy: Teeth whitening, bosom restructuring, forehead Botoxing, lips filling, face contouring, vagina tightening, body sculpting, nail and lash extending, wardrobe overhauling, diet restricting to include only chia and kale. Bottom feeders, hoping for any leftovers that the fresh faced, lissom twenty and thirty-something goddesses haven’t entirely devoured.View How to Videos View Help FAQs A small collection of individually purchased e-books Quick Start User Guide Emerald provides access to full text articles from over 100 business, management and quality journals.End Note Web is a tool that lets you organize your references.

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Regarded as Ireland’s most “right-on” newspaper, The Irish Times has fallen foul of equality legislation.

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