Os kelly monaco dating val

This lady does not seem to be in a hurry to get married anytime soon and will not be doing so anytime soon.

On recent episodes: Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Billy Miller) tracked down Nikolas (then Nick Stabile) to Cassadine Island, were held hostage by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), almost perished in a plane crash, were rescued, and through it all Sam has been having periodic fainting spells.

While Chmerkovskiy may say it’s odd and personal, he’s been involved with this show long enough to know it absolutely would be asked.

In fact, chances are very good that the topic will come up multiple times every week for however long the couple lasts on the romance and showmance rumors in more than one previous season.

Kelly Marie Monaco is an actress, model and reality television personality who has been known to have been the Playboy Playmate previously.

She has been known also for the portrayal of Livvie Locke in the ABC soap opera Port Charles.

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Sam fan faction wars on social media, and why Kelly feels there are misperceptions about her personally, and where it stems from.

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