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It may be something as simple as giving you his jacket on a cold autumn's night or choosing to watch the movie you want to watch. He doesn't necessarily go over the top, but it's the little things he does for you during those times when you need a little extra something to show he truly does care for you. He's just there to listen to you vent because that's what you need — someone there to listen. He won't be rude to you or insult you, but he will tell you some things you may not particularly want to hear.And he does so because he believes telling you the truth will help you make the best decisions. Sure, he could lie, but he doesn't believe relationships built on lies can possibly last — and he sees the two of you going somewhere.Patricks Day"Tonight Show Questions & Danswers; Jimmy tries on virtual reality goggles; Nathan East sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Celebrity Whispers...; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Bill Cosby walks on tightrope; Jody Ogwyn teaches him how to fly Tonight Show That's What They Said; Jimmy counts down top/bottom songs in the country; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Rob Ford Baby; Russell Crowe performed "Folsom Prison Blues"; The National performed "This Is the Last Time"Mark Kelley signs up for Obamacare; Two audience members read monologue jokes; Jimmy decides on a truck, and announces Tonight Show Fingers on a 4x4; Thank You Notes; Giant Quarters (January Jones); Passenger performed "Scare Away the Dark"Tonight Show This Vs.That; Billy Dee Williams and Chewbacca slow dance; Tonight Show Fingers on a 4x4 (appearance by Mario Batali); Samuel L. performed "Wild Wild Love"Putin Pick Up Lines; Tariq celebrates Spring; Tonight Show #hashtags: #My Worst Car; Sticky Balls (Daniel Radcliffe); Cedric the Entertainer sings reggae music; Jimmy buys his truck (appearance by Toby Keith); Travie Mc Coy performed "Keep On Keeping On"Jimmy tells jokes for a depressed panda; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (appearance by Latimore; singing "Let the Doorknob Hit Ya", Stefanie Dolson dances with Jimmy); Roller Golf (Cameron Diaz); Future featuring Pusha T performed "Move That Dope"Tariq and Jimmy's Inner Thoughts; Jimmy tells jokes for a depressed panda; Steven Tyler sits in with The Roots, and sings outgoing message on an audience member's cell phone; Tonight Show #hashtags: #Wedding Fail; Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama on Dr.Mom is there every single step of the way, watching you reach your goals and supporting you as you pursue your dreams.She taught you nothing is ever out of reach, and the world is your oyster… Moms deserve to be celebrated everywhere on Mother's Day.Bradley Cooper & Emma Thompson); GE Tonight Show Fallonventions: Kid's Inventions; Tim Mc Graw performed "Shotgun Rider"Tonight Show Superlatives; Never-before-seen footage of The Beatles' first performance on The Ed Sullivan Show (with Fred Armisen); Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Usher Vs.Reese Witherspoon & Mikaela Shiffrin); Rick Ross performed "The Devil Is a Lie"Questlove and Tariq re-enact a scene from The Bachelor; HFL Heterosexual Football Rules; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (appearance by John Moschitta, Jr., Rik's Reality Rap-Up); Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore performed the "Every 10 Years" song; Dierks Bentley performed "I Hold On"Oscar Hairstyles on James Poyser; Chicago Polar Plunge; Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots sing "Let It Go" from Frozen with classroom instruments; Lip Flip (Tina Fey); Randy Newman performed "I Love L.

Kelly; Pros & Cons: Competing In the Winter Olympics; Jerry Seinfeld did a stand-up comedy bit; Kristen Wiig appeared as Harry Styles; Lady Gaga performed "Artpop"Brian Williams and Lester Holt rap "Rapper's Delight" video; #Hashtag2 (Jonah Hill & Martin Scorsese); Charades (Jimmy Fallon & Tim Mc Graw Vs.To be completely honest, most individuals who need to use words to express the way they feel aren't usually very sincere.Men are much better at letting you know they care about you through subtle actions like these. He doesn't tell you where you screwed up or what you could have done.He's working two jobs, going to school, taking care of his parents and siblings — and somehow whenever you need him, he's there for you. The moment he hears you're hurt or in some sort of danger, he's there for you.He takes his space when he needs it, but he makes sure to give you both the space and attention you need. Whether it's one of your girlfriends who always manages to make you cry, one of your coworkers who continues to be a jerk or that douchebag at the bar who gets a bit too comfortable or a bit too handsy when your man isn't around, he is ready to fight for you. He's at your performances, your award ceremonies, your graduations, speeches, conferences and more. If there is one single thing that is non-negotiable in any relationship, it's this: The person you're with needs to believe in you. He does that thing you like so much — not because he thinks it will get you to do something, but because he knows you like it so much. They'd rather pretend to be right than admit they may have been wrong.

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