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With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can place your order and move on to other things. Price Comparisons While shopping online, it is very easy to do price comparisons for a given item.Once you have determined what you want to purchase, you can see if you are getting the best deal with just a few clicks.Past-tense narration is of course “immediate” in a way, since the events of the characters’ past are happening in the reader’s present.But the immediacy of the present tense also allows us to convey a character’s change as it happens, not after the fact.If you do not have a degree, then you are at a disadvantage.

You can also quickly determine whether the item is "in stock" or not.When the literary historians of the year 3000 write about the fiction of our time, I believe they will consider our use of the present tense to be its most distinctive—and, perhaps, problematic—feature.Whereas present-tense narration was once rare, it is now so common as to be commonplace.Online shopping allows you to shop whenever you want, at your convenience. No Waiting When purchasing online, there are no long lines that you are forced to stand in line just to make a purchase.In fact, when you purchase online, your wait time will simply be the time required to display the website ordering page. Shipping Costs Unless you purchase digital products, there will sometimes be an additional expense to ship your purchases.

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As someone who spent all of her early twenties dating fellow journalists, I would never advise a young woman to follow my example.

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