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If the former, and you'd like to edit the post to have a better layout, by all means have at it.

I'm still new to entity framework and am still soaking in best practices so if you have suggestions to make this answer more eloquent for future users I'd appreciate the assistance.

As a highly organized person, I cannot say enough about the efficiency Sign Up Genius provides.

Android uses the SQLite database system, which is an open-source, stand-alone SQL database, widely used by many popular applications. You can now define the various methods for opening and closing the database, as well as the methods for adding/editing/deleting rows in the table (see Listing 3).

If you use a word processor or spreadsheet program to do this, you can easily run into trouble with duplicate and inconsistent data.

You can use calendaring software, but tracking financial information in a calendar isn't a good fit.

I hadn't given the exact reason much thought when I commented, but certainly the naming conventions hurt readability (obv. Also, the commas as the beginning of the line hurt readability a lot (subjective, for me), and whitespace / indentation could be slightly improved.

I've submitted an edit with all of these (IMHO) improvements since you requested it. Thanks for the assistance, overall the entire query makes more sense.

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Visual Studio Express provides a free development tool that makes ASP.

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